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Rózsakert Shopping Mall, H-1023 Budapest

Restaurant opening hours

You can come, today we are open until20:00 


We accept delivery today until19:40

Miso soup with various toppings

Topping: edamame, shiitake, tofu
Price 750 HUF

Boiled and salted soybeans

Price 750 HUF

Boiled shiitake slices in sweet soy sauce

Price 750 HUF

Wakame seawead in sesame oil

Price 750 HUF

Japanese starter combination

Price 750 HUF

Japanese omlett slices

Price 850 HUF/6db

Big portion of salad with tofu and japanese sesame dressing

Price 1 450 HUF

Big portion of smoked salmon salad with grapefruit

Price 2 250 HUF

Fried dumplings with chicken and with small portion of salad

Price 2 000 HUF/6db

Fried prawns with small portion of salad

Price 2 000 HUF/5db

King prawns deep fried in special batter with small portion of salad

Price 2 400 HUF/3db

Grilled chicken pieces with teriyaki sauce with sesame dressing sauce salad and rice, with miso soup

Price 2 900 HUF/2db

Cold soba noodle with sauce, wasabi and spring onion

Price 1 600 HUF
Price 750 HUF/200gr

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