We are open until20:00 
Rózsakert Shopping Mall, H-1023 Budapest

Restaurant opening hours

You can come, today we are open until20:00 


We accept delivery today until19:40

Big rolls with salmon, avocado, mayonnaise, iceberg lettuce and flying fish roe (8 pcs)

Price 3 500 HUF/8db

Grilled tuna, capem, cucumber, philadelphia, iceberg lettuce and cilantro

Price 3 500 HUF/8db

Big inside out rolls with avocado, aspargus, fried tofu and shiitake mushroom (8 pcs)

Price 2 900 HUF/8db

Deep fried crab with avocado, cucumber, tamago, spicy mayonnaise (8 pcs)

Price 3 500 HUF/8db

Cucumber rolls with rich salmon roe topping (4 pcs)

Price 3 500 HUF/4db

Salmon, cilantro, creamcheese, capern (8 pcs)

Price 3 500 HUF/8db

Big roll with tiger prawn, japanese omlette, cucumber and shiitake mushroom (8 pcs)

Price 3 200 HUF/8db

Big rolls with avocado and tiger prawn (8 pcs)

Price 2 900 HUF/8db

Reversed Californa rolls with cucumber and flying fish roe (8 pcs)

Price 3 400 HUF/8db

Smoked salmon rolls with philadelphia creamcheese and salad (8 pcs)

Price 3 400 HUF/8db

Big vegetarian roll: avocado, cucumber, salad, cream cheese (8 pcs)

Price 2 700 HUF/8db

Big inside out rolls with fried salmon, mayonnaise, iceberg lettuce, cucumber and dill (8 pcs)

Price 3 200 HUF/8db

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